Leonia Makes Music Farm Share Fundraiser FAQ

What do I need to do? / Instructions to join Leonia Makes Music Farm Share Fundraiser

Cost of each farm share box? / Weight of each farm share box

  • $40 per farm share box. Each farm share box contains 9-12 items and weighs 9-17 lbs of organic locally sourced produce.

Where are the farm share boxes coming from? / Where can I get more information on what produce I can expect?

How do I pick up my box? When do I pick up my box?

LEONIA: The Leonia Sculpture Garden on Broad Ave. between Beechwood Pl. and Woodland Pl. 

Pick up will be from 9am – 12 noon: NOVEMBER 3d. Come early! Remember your produce is waiting in a shady location outside. Pick up your produce earlier, and  your produce will be tastier.

Do I have to be a Leonia or Edgewater school district parent to participate?

  • The fundraiser isn’t limited to parents and students. We want the entire Leonia and Edgewater community to participate! Please spread the word!

What happens if I can’t pick up my box? Can I go to Honeybrook Farm and pick my box up there?

  • Sorry, this is fresh organic produce, and we can’t offer a credit or return. Since this is a fundraiser, you can’t go to Honey Brook Farm to pick up your box. Please ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your box. Any box that doesn’t get picked up will be dropped off at our local soup kitchen @ Center for Food Action in Englewood.

How does pick-your-own work?

  • Privileges to pick-your-own crops are located at the Pennington farm (260 Wargo Rd, Pennington, NJ 08534)
  • The pick-your-own privilege is valid for 1 week after you receive the box.  It is not possible to reschedule the time frame to a different week. 
  • The pick-your-own privilege is what is assigned to the PREMIUM box (3 quarts).  You can pick more for a fee.
  • Members who are not able to visit the farm to pick their own produce will be able to transfer their privilege to someone else to pick their share.  The farmer will have a list of everyone’s names who placed an order.
  • All pick-your-own crops are also included in the boxes EXCEPT raspberries and okra.  (e.g. you can expect tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries etc in the farm box)

How can I Recycle the CSA box?

  • Honeybrook Organic Farm encourages the recycling of the delivery boxes. You can return it directly to the farmer, should you decide to visit the farm to exercise your PYO privilege.

What happens if the farmer doesn’t deliver the boxes or delivers the boxes the late? 

  • If the farmer doesn’t deliver the boxes, we will refund your money.
  • If the farmer delivers the boxes after the 9am drop off window, then we will do our best to communicate where to pick up your boxes.